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cum on my face compilation
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I gulped hesitantly, but Stacy immediately took charge. "Get on your knees," she instructed, pushing down firmly on my shoulder. I sank to my knees and watched with a mixture of curiosity, arousal and uncertainty as Greg walked over to stand beside Stacy -- which put his juicy schlong almost exactly in front of my lips. "Mmmm," Stacy knelt down beside me. "Looks good doesn't it?" she asked as she wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked. "Uuuunnhhhh", I groaned in response to her stroking. "Don't worry, you're going to love sucking cock, and I bet you're going to be a natural too." She took Greg's shaft in her hand and pulled it to my mouth, tracing the head around my lips. I closed my eyes immediately and drank in the sensation, the velvety smoothness, the heat. "Lick it," she whispered in my ear. My tongue extended of its own accord and licked Greg's huge know -- tentatively at first and then with more urgency, more hunger. "Oh yah Mike, keep on doing that." Greg let out a moan. I licked his head some more, then without thinking I reached up and took his shaft in my hand and began to sluttishly swirl my tongue all around the head. Greg moaned again. And then Stacy whispered in my ear, "Yes, you're ready," I felt her deliciously soft breasts squish against my shoulder as she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto Greg's juicy cock.rnrn"Mmmmffff!" I uttered in surprise as the fat schlong penetrated my virgin mouth. I was flooded with a burst of sensations, the pliable head, the steel hard shaft, throbbing, alive, hot in my mouth. Stacy guided my head through several strokes before pulling me off of Greg. "Oh my goodness you're a fast learner!" she exclaimed, now stroking my hard-on with one hand and Greg's with the other. "Now let's give you a taste of cum so you know what you're in for." I panted in pleasure as she stroked our cocks in unison. She started at the base of Greg's shaft and pulled her hand along it until a tiny pearl emerged at the head, "mmm, that's what I'm looking for," and she repeated the motion not once, not twice, but four more times until there was a big, pearly drop of pre-cum shimmering on the head. Then she took her ample breast in her hand and used her nipple to scoop it up. She brought the cum covered nipple to my mouth, "Lick it," she insisted. I didn't hesitate, my tongue reached out and my lips surrounded her hard nipple, basking in its warmth, shape -- and the sticky glob of Greg's pre-cum. "Ooooooohhhhhh, that's niiiiiicccceeee," she moaned, "but you can do that later. Right now you've got a blowjob to finish!"rnrnWith that she withdrew her breast and guided my head back to Greg's hard-on, pulling on Greg's ass to thrust his cock into my now hungry mouth. I gasped again as it entered. "Oh, you love how that big hard cock feels in your mouth. It looks so hot sliding between those sexy lips. I knew you were going to love sucking cock...I knew you'd be a SLUT for it." For the next 15 minutes Stacy gave me hints on how to suck Greg better, urging me on to take him deeper, suck him faster, work his shaft with my hand. Greg was moaning and shaking -- obviously getting close to cumming -- which only turned Stacy on even more.rnrn"That's it Mike, jerk it off, you're gonna make him cum. Where do you want it? In your mouth? Mmmm, I've got an idea, make him cum on your face. Would you like that? To feel his hot spunk squirt all over your face?"rnrnShe pulled his cock out of my mouth. "Well?" She repeated, "would you?"rnrn"I don't know," I mumbled.rnrnShe smiled at me, "then how come your cock jumped in my hand as soon as I said it?..."rnrnTell me, she insisted, "Do you want him to cum on your face?" But she already knew the answer.

Added on 30-01-2011 by dimm
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