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cocksucking masterclass
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Take a look at some real professional cock sucker! Stunning oral wonders performed by a skillful belladonna master of oral and anal pleasures.Blowjobs are definitely the definition of paradise and heaven for many men. But be aware that there are men that just don't like them... there are men who either don't get hard from BJs or can not cum from BJs ? usually men who always like to be in control of their own orgasms. I have more advice about these problems and how to get over them if those are your specific problems... let me know.If you come across a man who doesn't come from blowjobs, there are long-term ways that you can change him sexually so that he can come for you... but you'll have to ask me for that specific advice. There is also one way to possibly change that. It is rather extreme, some women wouldn't go for it. You (in either a flat-on-your-back position or a kneeling position, whichever he is more comfortable in) will allow him to grab the back of your head, insert his cock in your wide-open mouth with pursed sexy lips, and simply fuck your throat as if it were a pussy. You can encourage him if he likes dirty talk by telling him to fuck your mouth with his big hard cock as if your mouth were a dirty whore's pussy or ass. Ooh. Hot.Yes, you?ll gag and yes, you might throw up, but some girls do actually enjoy gagging and throat-fucking... especially masochistic or submissive or just plain wild girls, and I can guarantee you that many many men LOVE that kind of whore-like throat-fucking BJ. If you let him use your throat like that it might inspire him to get even more into you and wild about you, or if he's a total asshole, he might start disrespecting you because you let him use your mouth as if you were a whore. Be careful that your man is the kind who loves a sexually deviant, liberated woman, not one who is scared of them, before you try the fuck my throat tactic. If he wants a tiny flower who is innocent and virginal, you are better off with someone less controlling and more open-minded and appreciative of women as human beings and sexual creatures.For every girl that loves to be fucked in the throat till she gags, there are probably three or four that hate it. If you hate it, DON'T DO IT and don't let him fuck your throat hard like that. Unless you love him doing things to you that you don't like... some people are like that, you know. Don't let him have control of the BJ if he's abusing your throat and not being gentle, or rather, again, only let him do that if you like it.For non-violent blowjobs which won't hurt your throat, the advice is as follows, although you've probably heard this and a million other things in girls' magazines. The reason why there are so many different "perfect blowjobs" is because, like I said, every single man likes something different, and there are no general rules except that... if he lets you play with his ass, and you do it right, you will rock his fucking world. Most important: make sure it is wet. Dry BJs are not much more fun than dry fucking. Unless, as always, that's your thing. But for most men, wet, slushy, sloppy blowjobs are the ONLY kind of blowjobs. Just like when he?s eating your pussy and driving you crazy with his mouth (don't tell me he doesn't do that? If he doesn't do that why the hell would you blow him? Hehe), it HAS TO BE WET to feel good. Use LOTS of spit, and LOTS more. Make it really wet with your mouth. The wetter the better, so they say.If you're going to give a whore-like blowjob, some whore-like make-up doesn't go amiss. Again, it depends on the man, some don't like heavy make up, some like it all the time, a lot of guys like it for BJs... bright hot pink or red are often the sexiest colours for BJ visuals. Just think, he's seen porn. If you've see porn girls give head, you know what men like. Those girls know what they're doing. Be his fantasy girl, put on a ton of slutty lipstick and suck his hard cock like you worship it completely. Yummy. You're turning me on just thinking about you sucking my cock. Wow.Next, the swirling, French-kissing technique is usually good. French kiss the head of his cock as if you're in a porn movie... the boys love eye contact... kiss it, suck on it, swirl your tongue around it, over it, under it, encircle it. Purse your lips and let it slip inside, and then swish your tongue all over the head. Even if you're not into the throat fucking thing, slide it back into your mouth and do a little fucking motion, or maybe encourage him to fuck the side of your mouth, the inside of your cheek, so he can see it pushing out of your mouth through your skin. It's all about the visuals with a lot of men.Anyone who tells you guys do, or don't, like their balls licked or shaft sucked is generalizing. Some like it, some don't. For some, it's the bees knees. Ask him. Many, many guys like for you to vary it up, lick down their shaft, lick their balls, suck on their balls, lick the place between their balls and ass, and hey, LICK HIS ASSHOLE, if you're up for it, and he's not insecure about his sexuality (which is why most men don't want their asses played with), or insecure about the taste (assure him that you love it even if you only half love it, it'll make him feel better about letting you lick it...). 75% of men ADORE having their asshole licked. Lick it good, like you're licking clitty ? it'll drive him crazy 'cause that's where all his nerve endings are. You can even tongue-fuck it if you're really daring... very very hot. Make noises and moans and oral vibrations into his ass while you're doing it, to let him know you're into it, and to make him feel even better.Do it for maybe ten or fifteen minutes. Then, when you want to make him cum, if you're not willing to let him fuck your mouth, it's best to still attempt to recreate the fucking motion, you know, open your mouth a little wider (so your teeth aren?t involved) and try bobbing your head up and down on it (or back and forth), letting it slide between your lips and into your mouth, then out again. Imagine you are a pussy, riding a cock, and you are trying to go faster and harder to get him and yourself off. That is the kind of rhythm you should be looking for. That may get him off.Better still, ASK HIM how to make you cum. He might know a lot better than you do, especially if he's had blowjobs before. Have him direct you. There's no better way to pleasure a guy than knowing exactly what he likes.Some other things most guys like in blowjobs:LOTS OF EYE CONTACT. If you have his head in your mouth and you look in his eyes like you wanna rape him and fuck his brains out, the BJ will feel that much better. I said that already but it can't be said enough.LOTS OF SPIT ? spit on it and pull your mouth away, holding it in your tightly-clenched fist... let the strings of spit and drool hang from his cock to your lips, then suck it and spit on it more ? that?s what a lot of guys like, and that?s how the pornstars do it.DON'T STOP... When he's coming, it's best to just keep doing what you're doing. That's my best advice for that. If you don't want him to cum in your mouth, then jack it really hard, pump it with your fist, and aim the cock wherever you want the cum ? tits, face, tummy, guys like cumming on those places ? but usually nothing as much as in your mouth. Just don't stop or completely change it up when he's cumming. Also be aware that right after orgasm, men's cocks are very very sensitive, so after he's started cumming, once he's almost done cumming, be very very gentle with his spent cock. NO COLDSORES... if you have a coldsore (you know what that is, right), you may think it's harmless, but it's an oral form of herpes. If you suck his cock while you have a coldsore, you may give him genital herpes, and that will stay with him for life. Don't do it! Wait it out!

Added on 19-01-2008 by dimm
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