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Stephanie - ad in sf weekly, 20 yo filipina, 5.4" and chubby, but shes still cute, a little inexperienced but learning, I didnt want any oral as she has steel braces (dangerous!), she has the biggest clit I've comernacross yet - when sucking her, I felt this lump growing on her and when I looked down, there was this small red "marble" in her vagina! She seemed to really enjoy oral action. When we got down to the screwing, she first rode me, then I mounted her. She seemed to get into the sex which turned me on more and soon we were both hot and heavy into it.I must admit that I am jealous that such a multitasking toy only works on men. Why can't I indulge in the pleasures of a tight seal and the suctioning ability of a Hoover? Thank the goddess, lesbian ingenuity has struck once again. In yet another step toward equal orgasmic rights, women have commandeered something originally intended only for phallic pleasure and transformed it into a tool of pussy power. Using the same pumping mechanism, and replacing the penis-sized cylinder with a smaller one (originally intended for use on nipples), chicks have created the Clit Pump.
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Added: 2297 days ago by vshare
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